Australian Government, A Plan to Simplify Superannuation

Public Submissions

The Government sought submissions on a Plan to Simplify and Streamline Superannuation as a part of the consultation process. The following is a list of submissions that are being made public.

ABN AMRO Morgans 146KB -
Abrahams, Derek 132KB -
Allen, William 185KB -
Allens Arthur Robinson 195KB -
AMP, MLC, CommInsure, Challenger and MetLife 116KB -
ARIA 143KB -
ASFA 150KB -
Association of Independent Retirees 21KB 94KB
Asteron 37KB -
AUSfund 561KB -
Australian Administration Services - Budget submission 225KB -
Australian Association of Former International Civil Servants - Submission 1 113KB -
Australian Association of Former International Civil Servants - Submission 2 10KB 27KB
Australian Bankers' Association 195KB -
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 625KB -
Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations 19KB 24KB
Australian Council of Social Service 348KB -
Australian Council of the Ageing 18KB -
Australian Friendly Societies Association 45KB -
Australian Lawyers Alliance 183KB -
Australian Medical Association 43KB -
Australian Medical Association Queensland 123KB -
Avenue Capital Management 381KB -
AXA 3143KB -
Baker and McKenzie 76KB -
Bentleys MRI 76KB -
BHP Billiton 133KB -
BOYCE Chartered Accountants 402KB -
Bray, Robert 9KB 8KB
Campbell, Sue 40KB -
Casey, Bernard 120KB -
Chan, Maureen 16KB -
CIVIC Financial Planning 771KB -
ClearView Retirement Solutions 56KB 238KB
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 616KB -
Corporate Superannuation Association 181KB -
Count Financial Limited - Submission 1 34KB 41KB
Count Financial Limited - Submission 2 627KB -
CPA Australia - Submission 1 88KB -
CPA Australia - Submission 2 66KB -
CPSU Age Equity Network Submission 14KB -
David Polonsky and Co 52KB -
Davis, Maxwell 17KB 17KB
De Vryer, Ralph 190KB -
D'Souza,Trevor 376KB -
Electricity Industry Superannuation Scheme 472KB -
Ellis, Peter 24KB -
Espreon Strategist Advisory Network 92KB -
Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia 51KB -
Fiducian Portfolio Services 45KB 716KB
Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd 232KB -
Find My Super 128KB -
First Samuel 48KB -
Galbraith, Fiona 67KB -
Gardiner, Warwick 42KB -
Geoff Dunsford and Darren Wickham 56KB -
Government Employees Superannuation Board 125KB -
Grant Thornton 367KB -
Hajszan, W 15KB 20KB
Hinsley and Watmuff 173KB -
Holding Redlich 63KB -
Horwitz, David 21KB -
Huthnance Lomax Accountants and Financial Advisors 86KB -
IFSA 378KB -
Independent Contractors of Australia 100KB -
ING 149KB -
Institute of Actuaries of Australia 220KB -
Institute of Actuaries of Australia 84KB -
Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia 126KB -
Jocelyn, Bill 11KB -
Johnstone, Denis 22KB -
Kerro Consulting 75KB -
Kingston Capital 236KB -
KPMG 125KB -
Law Council of Australia 38KB -
Lawrence, John 32KB -
Macleod, Iain 28KB 22KB
Max Super 180KB -
Melbourne SMSF Group 38KB 70KB
Mercer - Initial Overview 45KB -
Mercer - Submission 1 - Undeducted contributions 1461KB -
Mercer - Submission 2 - Deductible contributions 1195KB -
Mercer - Submission 3 - Portability 509KB -
Mercer - Submission 4 - Benefit taxes 936KB -
Mercer - Submission 5 - Untaxed schemes 937KB -
Mercer - Submission 6 - Defined Benefit Funds 951KB -
Mercer - Submission 7 - Employer Eligible Termination Payments 475KB -
Mercer - Submission 8a - Miscellaneous Issues 100KB -
Mercer - Submission 8b - Miscellaneous Issues 180KB -
Mercer Federal Budget implications 289KB -
Moore, Christopher 60KB -
National Institute of Accountants 65KB -
NSW Teachers Federation 103KB -
O'Brien, Tony 30KB 52KB
Office of Small Business 455KB -
Orland, Joseph 30KB -
Partners Superannuation Services 87KB -
Paul Melling Retirement Planning 11KB 22KB
Peace, Daryl 51KB -
Peter Roberts - Existing Self Managed Allocation Pension 150KB -
Pitcher Partners 564KB -
Plan B Financial Services 266KB -
PNG Association of Australia 17KB 575KB
Power, Trish 26KB 26KB
Price Waterhouse Coopers 153KB -
Prins, Mimi 21KB -
Professional Investment Services 1113KB -
Real Estate Institute of Australia 793KB -
Regular Defence Force Welfare Association - Submission 1 107KB -
Regular Defence Force Welfare Association - Submission 2 535KB -
ROPAN Financial Planning Group 27KB -
Sauran, Alan 16KB -
Sherrell, John 32KB -
Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association 48KB -
Smart Super 175KB -
SMSF Professionals' Association of Australia Limited 209KB -
SMSF Strategies 142KB -
South Australian Government Superannuated Employees Association 23KB 24KB
Steel, Donald 1316KB -
Steel, Roger 15KB -
Submissions - Names Suppressed 455KB -
Sunsuper 19KB 23KB
Superannuated Commonwealth Officers' Association 1075KB -
Superannuation Australia Taxpayers Australia 27KB -
Tasmanian Association of State Superannuation 124KB -
Taxation Institute of Australia 89KB -
The Paull Group Financial Strategies Pty Ltd 42KB -
Thornton, Peter 37KB 10KB
Thorp, David 114KB 261KB
Timmins, Alan 52KB -
TOWER Investments 81KB -
Trustee Corporations Association of Australia 38KB -
Turner, George 9KB -
UniSuper 1014KB -
Vernon, William L 37KB -
VicSuper 35KB 82KB
Wade, Colin 56KB 134KB
Weverling, Peter 35KB -
William Buck 249KB -

There are a number of submissions and comments which have been considered as a part of the consultation process but were not made public. Some authors requested that the details in their submission remain confidential and others did not specify whether the content could be made public.

Note: The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Government or the Treasury.